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Lay Dominicans
Cambridge Fraternity

"They have as their vocation to radiate the presence of Christ
in the midst of the peoples so that the divine message of salvation
be known and accepted everywhere by the whole of humankind."
(from the
Rule of the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic)

Lay Dominicans are formally committed to the Order of Preachers, known as the Dominicans, and to its Mission of seeking Catholic Truth through fraternity, prayer and study of the Church's rich theological tradition, with the purpose of bringing Christ to the world. 

Enquirers should be adult, Confirmed Roman Catholics with no commitment to any other Religious Order. They may be invited, after a year or so of  'early formation', to request Admission to the Lay Fraternity. After a suitable period of further formation and study, they may be invited to make Temporary Profession for three years. Later, they may be invited to make Solemn Profession - a commitment for life.

If you are interested in exploring whether you might have a Lay vocation to Dominican life and preaching, we would welcome hearing from you with a view to inviting you to join a meeting so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us

For an invitation to come and meet us, please write to
or telephone 07710 095090


'To contemplate and to pass on to others
the fruits of that contemplation'
Our mission is to bring others
to the knowledge of God's love
through sharing the
Good News of Jesus Christ.
Our motto is VERITAS – TRUTH.
In search of Catholic truth, we study the theological, philosophical and spiritual treasures of the Catholic tradition.

'Common life' is a pillar of the Dominican Order. Every Lay Dominican belongs to a Fraternity.
Lay Dominicans pray some part of the Divine Office - the Liturgy of the Hours - daily, especially Morning and Evening Prayer. We treasure the Rosary which, a long tradition says, was given by Our Lady herself to our Holy Founder, Saint Dominic.
Lay Dominicans can go where our Friars, Sisters and  Nuns cannot. In our parishes and jobs, in our families and with friends we try to bring Christ to those we meet in our daily lives. Our calling is to equip ourselves to be able to give a rational and faith-filled answer to all who ask the reason for out faith and our hope.
Our Mission is the preaching of Catholic Truth which means that every Dominican has to know the Faith in depth. We follow the lead of our brother Saint Thomas Aquinas OP in studying Holy Scripture and theology and in 'reading the signs of the time'.
We meet at Blackfriars, Cambridge at 10.30 on the first Saturday of the month. We enjoy lively discussions and Mass together and and share a simple lunch, finishing by 16.00 after Evening Prayer. We have a Day of Recollection every June and attend national Dominican events including the Order's annual pilgrimage to Walsingham.

“My faith has been hugely strengthened and my confidence in speaking about Christ to others greatly increased since I became a Lay Dominican.”



“People in my parish who know I’m a Lay Dominican often ask me questions about the faith – and expect a sensible answer! It’s quite a responsibility – but what an honour to be asked about the faith by someone who wants to be closer to Christ.”


“I especially enjoy our ‘brainstorm’ sessions which help me to think more clearly about the great truths of the Catholic faith.”



“They said that Saint Dominic was always speaking either to God or about God, and it’s great to be part of a friendly and faith-filled group for whom exactly that is such a joy.”


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